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A fan is an appliance powered by an energy source. A fan can run on electricity, solar energy, heat, hydraulic power, batteries, fuel, or radiation. All types of fans are considered appliances or devices. A hand fan can also be considered an accessory.

What Is an Appliance?

An appliance is any type of equipment that uses electrical current or some other form of energy in order to function.

Because appliances use energy, they are often found in the proximity of an electrical outlet (or some other source of power).

However, many appliances can run off batteries (e.g., fans).

Or, they need only minimal amounts of energy to operate (e.g., microwaves).

What Is a fan?

A fan is any device that moves air. It’s really that simple. No rocket science here.

Most fans cool down an area.

However, stove fans and fireplace fans disperse heat. We have a good article about stove fans over here.

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