PVC Counduit Pipe

PVC Pipe

What is the use of PVC Pipe?

PVC pipes are present in the context of supply of water. These pipelines are used for water mains almost entirely consist of PVC pipe. Sanitation sewer networks and large-scale irrigation networks also comprise PVC pipe.

In the residential and commercial domain, PVC pipe are used in plumbing, drainage, ,agricultural irrigation, electricity & telecommunications systems and the ductwork of heating and cooling systems.

Underground PVC pipes have a larger bore and a thicker wall and are used by utility companies to supply drinking water through a network to residential and commercial buildings.

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What are the benefits of PVC pipes?

  1. PVC pipes are the preferred media for transporting water and electricity in a variety of sectors. Their high resistance to heat and corrosion are the main contributors to their extensive utilization.
  2. Owing to its smooth surface, there is a low level of friction between PVC and flowing liquids when compared to concrete and metal. This makes it a preferred material for pipes that are conduits for water supply.
  3. It is lightweight and easy to transport over large distances to be laid as pipelines. This means that less fuel is used to transport them, making them eco-friendly.
  4. It is cost-effective since a relatively simple process is used for its mass production.
  5. It is easy to mold into different shapes, making it a versatile material with a wide range of applications.
  6. It is strong and durable and resistant to large amounts of stress. This makes it a suitable material for underground pipes and pipes through which pressurized fluids need to pass.
  7. An advantageous chemical property of PVC is its inertness or resistance to chemical reactions with other substances. This makes it safe for the transportation of drinking water and water that is used for household purposes.
  8. PVC can last a hundred years when installed underground. This makes it low-maintenance and a favored material for vast pipeline networks, whose maintenance and overhaul costs would be extremely high with legacy materials like steel, iron and cement.
  9. PVC pipes are easy to install, dismantle and maintain. Its failure or break rate is extremely low when compared to that of legacy materials.
  10. The low amount of carbon in PVC is the reason for less harmful emissions during its production. They are easy to recycle and reuse for other purposes, either from the salvage and re-purposing of construction waste or recycling of industrial waste. Eight thousand tons of PVC is recycled every year in Europe, through the VinylPlus program.

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