Why LED Lights So Special?

It seems that every industry in today’s highly advanced world is inquisitive in becoming more powerful, cost-efficient, and less harmful to the environment, all at the same time. Electric lights have been found to be on an identical hunt for perfection for over a decade now; and fortunately, recent advancements have arrived in the form of LED lights. LEDs have actually initiated a paradigm shift in the lighting industry owing to numerous features and advantages that they offer. LED LIGHTS are found in almost everything from home decorative lighting to the head and tail lights of automobiles, and are extensively praised for their distinctive design & affordability.


Unlike other conventional lights that make use of a filament heated by an electric current, LED lights sport a semiconductor diode that emits energy in the form of light when turned on.  When enough electricity is provided, the energy is released in the form of photons, a process called electroluminescence.


LED lights have been doing rounds since 50 years now, although initial LEDs emitted inferior quality infrared light, they were deemed more of an experiment, rather being used as a mainstream lighting alternative. Earlier red LED lights were modified to emit blue light, followed by white LEDs that we currently witness in thousands of applications today. LED lights are now available in a plethora of intensities across the visible and invisible spectrum of light, and are characterized by intense brightness using a confined amount of electricity.



Manufacturers of LED LAMPS, which many regard as the next generation of lighting, destined to eventually replace today’s incandescent and compact fluorescent lighting sources, make wild claims as to product life. Most conventional bulbs have a working time of around 5,000 hours, and even halogen bulbs tend to “pop” around 6,000 hours, however, contemporary LED lights are 8x more efficient in their transfer of electrical energy to light and have an average lifespan of around 80,000 hours. The main factor behind the rise of LED lights to such great prominence is because they need to be changed far less, are a much lower fire risk, safeguard the environment by conserving electrical energy. In recent years, they have also become comparable in price to other modern options, such as CFLs. Therefore, if you are looking to buy LED lights for your home or office, have a look at our online catalog of LED lights, which comprises of a wide range of products suitable for your home or office requirements.

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