Most Used Types of LED Lights

LEDs are a unique type of electronic lighting equipment. They are highly durable, energy efficient and produce a minimal amount of heat. They are not produced from fragile elements like glass tubes and are considered safer, as they do not contain any mercury or lead.

LED bulbs consume around 90% less energy as compared to incandescent or halogen bulbs, which have the same brightness. The former is more energy efficient in converting electricity into light and are measured in lumens.


LEDs consume significantly less power as compared to incandescent bulbs and, are easy to install. They can turn on within a short span of time and, have a longer lifespan as compared to the normal filament bulbs that you would come across. As in case of normal bulbs, LED light bulbs to fit pre-existing sockets.


These lighting sources can be installed easily and, consume a minimal amount of energy as compared to halogen globes while producing the same amount of light. These lights are durable and, can produce photons (light energy) when an electric current passes through it. These lighting sources are also resistant to voltage spikes. They can be turned on and off every now and, then without any negative impact on their lifespan. In addition, they are free from mercury and do not have any adverse impact on the environment.

LED FLOODLIGHTS LED floodlights offer a high quality of illumination and are energy efficient. They come with fire-resistant cables and have long durability. They are ideal for lighting stadiums, playgrounds, parks etc. These lighting sources are eco-friendly and are widely appreciated for their high performance.

DECORATIVE LIGHTS Decorative lights add sparkle within rooms. Available in numerous shapes, sizes & styles, the most common decorative lights include chandeliers, sconces & pendants.

At Harmonypoly Plast, we deal in a wide range of LED decoration lights for home decor. Wall sconces are ideal for adding a bit of sparkle within small areas of the room.

MINIATURE LEDS They normally come with a predefined size and shape. This enables them to comply with a wide range of circuit boards. Most of the miniatures LEDs that you would come across are available in 5V and 12V range. These lighting sources come with a ready to fit mode due to which they can be installed in circuit boards directly. They normally do not require the support of heat sinks. At Harmonypoly Plast’s online lighting stores we are well aware of the lighting trends that are popular in homes and commercial outlets. To meet up with the changing needs of buyers, we have sourced lighting products from leading and, the most sought-after brands in the market. Therefore, dazzle up your house or, office with LED and, luminaries from Harmonypoly Plast.

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